Friday, January 22, 2010

First Post of 2010.

Hi guys, I'm back.
For the umpteen times, I've being such a procrastinator .Blogging daily for me is definitly an unattainable goal .Readers must be sick of my uber slow updates.Lols.

In the blink of an eye, 2009 has come to an end and 2010 is here to stay .So let me refresh on what's worth to be remembered for the year 2009.

  • Still in contact with most of the peeps I don't want to lose.
  • ( Gaining and losing is part and parcel of life, I guess ~ )
  • Another year with love.

  • Back to my 'old time favourite' job .

  • Fufiling my 2nd year PP requirement.

Almost everyone by now should have already laid down their new year resolutions .Well, for me, I started thinking to myself the things I want to change for this year. With each passing day , things are not going to go your way.Instead, you'll have to make things go your way.

This quote below exactly reflects how I felt.awesome quote.
The older you get, the more you learn to see what you've been taught to see. When you're a kid, you see what's there. - Steven Wright .

Short pause for the moment, let pictures continue the post.Overdue pictures which should be posted up long time ago. Last few weeks of 2009 , it's filled with so much enjoyment and fun.Xmas , new year countdown etc were all celebrated over there.
Powerhouse, current favourite club.

Happy bdae to my dearest cosuin, Michelle.
Cute birthday theme : geeks's wear !
Look at her steady friends.Lols.

Sis's lovely 21 birthday party ~
21, the key to freedom .memorable day for her

Thanks my Big sis for the spa treats @ spa infinity .lovess

A night out with sharon BBmei. 'Happening' night for us because our sabai trip ended up in a uncle/auntie pub.Lols. I still enjoyed :)

On the way to PH with cai jing. Miss her.

My new classmate, jolene. I enjoy bitching with her~

The last day at hilltop. Kinda sad it had close down, no more slacking place for us.

Classmates @ Bugis !

Happy belated birthday to my dearest SHARONbbmei and JOLENE :]
Stay happy K !

Love & friend in DB right now. Damm that motherfucker~What goes around comes around.rmb~May retribution befall on him =).I know my cursing could not salvage the situation. There is just a glimsp of hope when their charges are still pending. PRAYING HARD for them .

Going to meet up with sharon later, wait for my update =) .

Y9:48 PMY

I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tags replied .
aloy : updated lobster friend. save yr number too le :)
m33rkat: yeap.thxs for yr concern. how've u been den?
...: find out yrself.
eric: i buay lim one la.lols.
umai: okay okay :)
amandaeveseah: so sweet of nuer .love
jia yun:but u also consider one of the smaller one. did u enjoy tt day?LOL.
passerby: updated :)
sharon: shorty, it's updated. glad to meet u up tt day! rmb our dates. lovesss.
peiyun: yeap now can acess to yr blog alrdy :)

  • so many thoughts running through my mind

    Back to blog..

    FYI, I lost my bloody phoneeee one month ago. (Yes, I know it's DUMB to have lost it~)
    However I'm still contactable via the same number .
    Kind souls out there, I would appreciate if you were to send me your contacts again :).

    In another week's time,I will be getting my new phone.
    pondering to get E71 or E72?

    Thumb down for school.
    I wanna stop whining about school but pardon me for not being able to do so. I loathe bottling too much stuffs inside my heart.Seriously,I cant wait to finish my pathetic school life , it's screwing me up. I need infinite motivation to test my endurance.I must never never be manipulated by my heart's decision to quit school.just ONE more year to go . Casting aside my rantings, I shall be thankful that I have met some truly genuine friends in RP.

    Thumb up for holiday's approaching.
    It's time to meet up with my lovliess .Date me out ! :)
  • Pictures :
    Halloween nite

    Halloween night at rebel. It was my first experience to go during halloween and it's a different sensation from normal day.Damm packed I swear.

    Grandma's 75th Bdae!
    Hope she've enjoyed herself :)

    Sistaz nights out ~
    Chilling with my sisters at resort. The place was so much better after renovation ! Love them ~

    Me And CJ =)
    Powerhouse with darry & ris co . It was an embarassing night. Thanks those who had taken care of me, I know I had created alot of trouble for you all. lovesss .

    Yong Xiang's Bdae @ lebar
    Fun time seeing how she was being "disturbed" by us with the birthday cake. But it was a night mare for me, I lost my voice and couldnt talk /drink/sing.

    Love's birthday is just this saturday. I've got no idea on how to give him a memorable birthday.

    Y8:46 AMY

    I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides.

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    aloy :updated. haha see i did mention u in my blog. lobster friend.
    Baby :u r linked , mei :)
    ping hui : lols it's okay la. u gt so many things to busy with . free den call me out ba :)
    xin : haha now! finally
    meow :sure :)
    pei yun: thanks n u invite me yeap.kewei_90@hotmail.comlovess.
    ris : linked . go club soon with louis they all.
    Darry: ya yr present is so cute.LOL.
    sally: sweet. guess i will be seeing u soon on YX bdae?
    isabella :sure .lovess :)
    jia yun :ya fortunate to be young. got dote by us. I also duno ?lols have any idea.
    jess : thanks :D
    qian hua : thanks so much. misses.
    nina:yes i love the cake. thanks so much !! see u soon.
    ❤ In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back

    My post is finally up after uploading considerably massive amounts of pictures !
    Was supposed to blog after my birthday celebration but I've been procrastinating till now.lols.
    Right now, I am already in the midst of my holiday which is extremely fast. I know like always, I'll be finding it too short.I beg the majority shares the same view as me , who doesnt like holiday .

    Sleeping late has been my usual routine ever since holiday started. If this goes on, I'm definetly going to have super dark circles.Lols. My work schedule will only be more packed for the next two weeks but I'm already feeling the tension because of PP. I feel fcuking distress whenever it comes to PP, totally feel clueless on how to proceed on. I need to complete it ASAP. Yet, I'm not doing much at all.

    Time spend with my loves one can never be sufficient, it's occupying most of my time.
    I enjoyed !
    & congrats lobster friend upon POP.Lols. (no more botak)

    Now, I shall let some wordings and pictures to fill up this post .
    will blog more for the next post. :)

    A night out
    went powerhouse with mun ling and her friends. Queue was super long , however it's worth the wait having fun with them.Music was great that night.

    One month after reborning my hair.

    ButterF is forever so crowded with people.

    This two girls are the closest to me in class. Shall see them again when school starts .Lovess.

    My sis's BF dog is so cute though he's abit scary.lols. In this pic, he looks like a soft toy.

    My bdae celebration.
    Thanks ex w45q classmates for giving me such a lovely surprise. Appreciated :)

    With sisters
    Another was with my sisters & co. It was the first time they celebrated with me and of course I'm happy about it. Thanks!

    My first time to resort.

    On the actual day
    Eat and club was how my day is spent. Nothing special but it was great to be spending it with my friends. Thanks those who had taken the effort to attend. !

    Meeting my lovely boy later .
    Love him, Adelson Lee.

    Y12:44 AMY

    I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides.

    Back to the top !
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